SEO Services for local businesses

Let customers find you through targeted search terms

Are you starting a new business and have no idea what you need to do to hit the ground running online? Generate a continuous flow of leads through your website with our highly intuitive SEO services for local businesses.

Continuously optimize your website to rank high for profitable search terms

Ever wondered how businesses’ websites show up at the top when you search for certain terms on popular search engines such as Google or Bing? Well, it surely isn’t out of luck!

They’ve optimized their website to rank high for specific terms that their potential customers would generally type in.

If done right, your website can rank high for specific keywords too that have a very high buyer intent. This will lead to you continuously generating high quality traffic to your website organically (unpaid)*.

Our SEO services for local businesses will help you with just that!

*Note: Unpaid channels include content marketing, offline networking, sales, virality, and PR. Here, “Unpaid” doesn’t mean these channels are free, but rather you’re not paying more as performance scales. For example, you’ll pay for the labor to have a blog post written. But the resulting SEO traffic doesn’t cost you on a per-visit basis. This is great — unpaid channels can have unbounded upside!

seo services for local businesses

Rank high for profitable search terms specific to your business

Target specific keywords that you deem important for you.

Build credibility with customers by sharing relevant content

How Our SEO Services Will Help Your Business

Continuously generate high quality leads organically

By ranking high on specific keywords/search terms, you will notice well-targeted visitors entering your website. Through research and data, we will identify which of these search terms are most profitable so that you will continue to generate leads that are of high quality. This will continue to grow if managed properly.

Grow your visibility online among your target customers

Our team will guide you to create high quality content that is specific to what your target market wants to consume. This will help them perceive you as an authority in the sector that you are in. It’s a great way to showcase credibility and build trust online. This will be your opportunity to engage closely with your potential customers too.

Reduce acquisition costs by streamlining your processes

As part of our SEO services, we will further suggest helpful strategies that can help streamline and reduce ongoing operational costs. This will in turn reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. Additionally, we will also help you with remarketing strategies that will help you generate more revenue through  existing customers.

What's Included in Our SEO Services For Local Businesses

Want to continuously generate high quality traffic to your website with our proven SEO strategies?

Our 4-step approach to helping you become the most visible & trusted option your audience sees.

Step 1

Carry out an audit/analysis

We’ll begin our SEO service by observing your current SEO efforts. By factoring in various elements from a technical standpoint through to on-page aspects and external factors, we’ll examine all the opportunities available to your brand.

Step 2

Implement and optimize the strategy

Having identified the right strategy, we would action all the suggested approaches to ensure your website is given the right attention it needs in terms of SEO. This includes updating page titles, meta descriptions, building relevant links to your site, managing reviews on various directories, and many more. The team at Blueprint Sites would use the very best techniques to prep your site for success.

Step 3

Test and monitor our actions

SEO services is a not a ‘set and forget’ solution. We would continuously monitor and test all the metrics to make the necessary tweaks. This will help us optimize the pages furthermore eventually bringing in more consistent opportunities. We will keep an eye on your campaigns and continuously refine it to bring you the very best results.

Step 4

Report and provide insights on campaign results

We will make the numbers speak for itself. All our claims and successes will be backed by the data that we continuously track. We will provide concise but comprehensive reports that will provide insights, trends, opportunities and strategies for the future.

Why Choose Blueprint Sites for Your SEO Services

We understand that every business is different. During our discovery process, we dive deep into understanding your problems, needs, and goals which will help us build customized SEO strategy for your local business. Every business is unique and therefore the SEO strategies implemented should be unique as well.

Once the SEO strategies are set set up, it is important that we consistently track and optimize our campaigns and make the necessary tweaks. These data points would help us continuously make better informed decisions and focus on what matters: high keyword rankings, conversions, cost-per-lead, and sales opportunities. Our job is to understand your goals and recognize what we can do to reach them.

At Blueprint Sites, we have helped businesses rank for specific keywords based on the location and services provided. We know what it takes to rank high on Google search and we would implement customized strategies to achieve your unique business goals too.

Marketing must quantifiable, replicable and scalable if you hope to grow consistently. When we work with you, we set out to create iterative processes that can be scaled for growth. Our team of marketing strategists, designers, developers, copywriters and traffic experts can create a cohesive plan of action of generate and convert quality sales leads.

Hear from our happy clients

Hashtag Generation

Nonprofit Organization

Built a multilingual website with project showcase and volunteer application

Loved the work from the team at Blueprint Sites. They delivered very much to our expectation.
- Senel Wanniarachi

Trustcorp Advisory

Financial Advisory

Developed a corporate website with multiple locations and in-built data analytics for visitor profiling.

Working with Blueprint Sites has been such a pleasure. They understood our requirements and took prompt action to deliver a professional website within the specified time and budget.
- Ifthikar Wahid

Continued Growth Blueprint

This Blueprint is a long-term approach to generating leads organically, i.e. through unpaid traffic. Through various strategies, we will help you optimize your website to be picked up by popular search engines such Google & Bing. We will advise you on the best search words to target and take action accordingly. This would involve creating targeted content on and off the site, building external links into your site, and building authority within your domain through blog articles.

SEO Services f

Simple guide to building an online presence for your local business​

Download the eBook which outlines the important action items that you as a small local business owner needs to take to create a strong web presence online. You’ll learn how to:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SEO will make sure that your website receives adequate traffic, evolving your business to be a brand, with the right kind of exposure and a driving force of inquiries and sales. If you are a business looking for elevated revenue or profit on a continuous long-term basis, then SEO would be the right approach for you.

When it comes to keywords, we take a prior consultation, keeping in mind your budget and goals and then deciding on ‘what’ and ‘which’ to focus on an initial basis. 

Over time, we aim to gather as many profitable, relevant keywords to include in your campaign. We use a variety of (industry standard) software as well as engage directly with you to ascertain the best keywords to utilise.

Upon creating content with these keywords in mind as well as optimising your site wherever possible, your website will be fully enhanced to bring the right kind of traffic to your site.

Yes we do. On a monthly basis, we will research and write up an article that is relevant to your business/industry. These would be planned in a way that maximizes the chances of being pickup by Google for specific keywords that you hope to rank for.

Just as one would continue to service their vehicle, it is important that you continuously update and optimize your website for SEO.

SEO services for local businesses takes time because there is no longer an easy way to game the system.

Search engine algorithms have become more and more advanced with an emphasis on delivering users the most relevant, and highest quality results based on their search query.

Whereas when SEO began all it took was stuffing a webpage with your chosen keyword and pointing as many links as possible to it to see fast results, things have changed – drastically.

And deploying tactics like this now are likely to be doing far more harm than good in the long term.

Yes of course we do. Link building is one of the primary pillars of SEO services for local businesses. We would actively seek opportunities to place links back to your website on relevant and high authority websites.

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