Sector: Professional Consultancy/Training

Project Brief: Created a website to accommodate event registrations, build an email list, and a dedicated resource section

Client's Experience

Can’t recommend them enough. We worked with Blueprint Sites to create a website for my startup which involved event management modules etc. And they handled everything well.
Dimitri Peiries

About Vergence

Vergence is a training & consulting agency based in Sri Lanka with internationally certified resources. They provide essential life skills training to individuals who seek transformational change in both their personal life and professional career.

Project Scope

Vergence reached out to Blueprint Sites to work on a solution that would enable visitors to consume content relating to personal development and career progression while being able to register for related events hosted by the client.

It was also the client’s intention to improve the process of generating and building a mailing list through a lead magnet. Additionally, the client wanted to showcase free content in the form of video playlists, blog articles which the visitors can largely benefit from.

Project Outcome

Blueprint Sites worked together with Vergence to create a website that clearly showcased upcoming events and prominently displayed the latest posts.

The website also featured a dedicated section for visitors to consume all the content that the client had to offer. We also offer the client a lead capturing mechanism that enticed visitors to download free worksheets which helped them build and grow their mailing list for remarketing.

More importantly, the website accommodated event registrations which enabled the client to streamline the onboarding process for each of these events.

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