Trustcorp Advisory

Sector: Financial Advisory

Project Brief: Developed a corporate website with multiple locations and in-built data analytics for visitor profiling.

Client's Experience

Working with Blueprint Sites has been such a pleasure. They understood our requirements and took prompt action to deliver a professional website within the specified time and budget.
Ifthikar Wahid

About Trustcorp Advisory

TrustCorp is a financial advisory firm that provides strategy consulting, advisory and project management services with an international focus. They have representations in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Dubai with extensive experience and networks across multiple sectors.

Project Scope

Trustcorp Advisory required a simple informational website that enabled them to portray their financial services in a cohesive yet simple manner. They also wanted to share the corporate profile seamlessly that allows visitors to download at a click of a button.

Additionally, given that the audience spans across 3 main regions (Sri Lanka, Singapore and Dubai), the clients wanted to see which geographical area was most popular and registered the most interest.

Project Outcome

The team at Blueprint Sites created a sleek and elegant looking website that portrayed their branding, colors and logo to communicate the company profile.

The website featured a bulleted list of services that visitors can easily grasp. The call to action, i.e. submitting a contact request was prominently placed so the clients can easily get in touch.

Finally, the client was also provided with data on the number of visitors to the website, their location and devices used to access the site. This information was key to understanding the visitor profiles and making business decisions accordingly.

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