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We don’t just care about building websites. Instead, we care about your business!

During these uncertain times when businesses are looking to cut costs, you need a strategy to show your clients the value of going digital with their products and services. With our Business Growth Toolkit, you have the opportunity to allow your existing and future clients to continue to operate their businesses all online.

GMB For Small Businesses

Optimize your local business listing

This lets you put your business in front of millions of active users who search for location-based queries. These are ideal if you want visitors to walk-in to your premises/store. We will ensure your listing is optimized for these queries.

Setup a professional business email

Having a custom email address ( is going to definitely going to give you an edge and make you look more professional. Our setup will include creating a business email account for your domain using popular 3rd-party email providers such as GSuite and Outlook.

Engage closely with your customers

Managing communications with your customers/clients doesn't really have to be hard anymore. Our setup will include a seamless mechanism to capture the contact details, assign them to your team who will in turn address any concerns. Through a powerful CRM, you will be able to trace past conversations managed with the clients too.

Build and grow your mailing list

The importance of building a mailing list and communicating various updates and offers have become a very crucial part of most marketing strategies. Fortunately, they can be automated. Got a new customer? Automatically send an email thanking them for the purchase.

Create a blog that matters

One of the best ways to build authority in your domain is to provide your audience relevant content either in the form of video, audio or articles. Our articles will also ensure they are optimized for your target keywords so they show up in Google search results.

Maintain a strong social presence

Creating an omni-channel presence in today's digital world has become ever so important. But it's important that you phase them out correctly. We will advise you on the best strategy in setting up the social media channels depending on your marketing requirements.

Obtain customer insights through analytics

Data has always helped business make better decisions and we bring you the power of analytics to do just that! With information on number of visitors to your site, their location, breakdown of your most popular content and many more, you will get actionable insights to continuously improve your website.


The time it takes to create a fully functional website can vary. Custom design work can take anywhere from 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of revisions you require. The development phase requires an additional 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the number of pages, and the functionality required. Of course, these are general guidelines, and we will make every effort to meet the timeframe you have in mind.

Definitely! Responsive websites are not an after-thought for us. All our designs and layouts are based on the assumption that visitors would browse through your websites not just from a laptop/PC but from a mobile too. In fact, making your website mobile responsive improves the ranking on Google Search results too.

Yes, of course. In addition to the video tutorials that we will provide you to familiarise working with WordPress, we will provide a basic training on how you could go about adding/editing/deleting content as and when you wish.

If this is something that’s putting you off, we’ll take it on for you. Based on your preferred name, we will provide options that helps you remain consistent across all social media channels.

As for hosting, the choice varies according to your requirements. If you’ve already got one, we will evaluate to see if it serves your needs. If you don’t, we will be happy to set it all up for you. Most of our websites are developed on WordPress, and we therefore tend to choose hosting environments that optimise such websites.

We need you to be readily available during the setup process. The fact that the process is so carefully scheduled is one of the reasons we’re able to keep the price down.

You’ll be discussing the layout, the design, you’ll be testing the finished website and coordinating the final launch with your project manager during the week but also in the lead up and in the support period afterwards. We need your help to help you 🙂

Yes! You completely own your website. We’ve structured it as a monthly plan so you proactively get everything you need in a website every month without paying thousands of dollars upfront.

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